Make it count

We all do it. We all talk about the weather. This summer we have done little else other than talk about how bad the weather has been. I am guilty as well.

On the plus side it is still Summer, there are three full weeks left for the children to enjoy before the routine of school runs begin again. We just need to pack for all seasons when heading out or going away and be prepared for rain, hail, shine or bluster.dsc_5620dsc_5642dsc_5626Having three little ones, we are at the ‘lots of bags’ stage. Bags for drinks, snacks, medicines, nappies, spare clothes, coats, and there I could continue. So most times we leave the house you can hear me call “did we lift the bag?” It’s what I find myself saying the most whenever I’m trying to quickly get out the door.dsc_7627dsc_7630dsc_7635We are trying to make each day count during the remainder of August. We are wanting to do little day trips here and there, visit family, get jobs done around the house (that are always put off until holiday time and then we don’t get it done) and also get things ready for when school starts in between.

Summer 2016 for us so far has been all about making memories. Spending time together as a family has been special, even the crazy moments when all three ‘kick off’ at once. I think that comes with the territory of having little ones. We are trying to enjoy every single day we are given regardless of what it brings.dsc_7652dsc_7668dsc_7598dsc_7661As I told a friend just last night when the wind was howling and rain was battering down…sunnier skies are right round the corner. And so they have arrived today.

If that fails we always have the golden butterfly halo from snapchat to depend on.dsc_7338


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