The grass is always greener

I think if we are all honest we are all guilty of this at times. Whether it be clothes, cars, holidays, jobs, and on the whole another person’s lifestyle. We make a comparison and think we do not have it as good as someone else.

In reality we all have so much. Yes obviously compared to the rich and famous we do not have as many material things and the fancy, glittery fairy tale existence. But it might just not be everything it seems to be either. As my late father used to say, “the clothes on a man’s back does not make them any greater a person”. Yes as a teenager I may have argued back and said well for us ladies, they certainly help you look the part. Dad had it tough being in a house with all females, the only other male was the Siamese cat and he had little to say!dsc_6990dsc_7016However Dad’s words are wise. He was right with what we had to say. The true value of someone does not lie in the material, tangible items surrounding them but more in the qualities and attributes that make up that person and the intangible characteristics they stand for. Learning to appreciate how much we have already, being thankful for it and wanting for less is something I need to keep reminding myself about and regularly. We are rich with so much and so often take it for granted.dsc_7025dsc_7028Aside to this we are actually unaware as to what is going on with other people. We do not know about what struggles are real and happening with regards to money, relationships, health, faith and so the list could continue. There is an assumption that faraway fields are greener, better than our own without having the knowledge of what can be hidden beneath the exterior of a glazed, cheery disposition.dsc_6974dsc_6942Turning back to the subject of whats happening and where we are now still with some summer time to enjoy. The truth of the matter is being married to a cricketer who is as heavily involved as he is, going away on a foreign summer holiday together as a family is next to near impossible. It is cricket season right?! The thought of being transported abroad with our suitcases magically packed for us, the journey being as quick as a flick of the fingers and having a live-in childcare assistance 24/7 upon arrival and for the duration of our stay sounds perfect but that’s all make believe. I’m not fooled into thinking anything different. I’ve no desire for that just yet. There is a real struggle for me getting packed up to go on a day trip never mind any further afield. Yes at some stage but just not now. So for now the eternal cricketer is off the hook.dsc_6926dsc_6967So anytime my mind wanders….”awh wouldn’t it be so lovely if…” I must stop and realise I need to content myself, we must be so thankful for everything we have, because we are rich with kindness, caring and love for each other and those around us. Thinking that the grass is always greener is perhaps a natural instinct for us all, always drawing comparisons. We may think that what we have in front of us is a little crazy and has little importance in the big picture but it may be the one thing that someone else is sitting yearning for in their own life.

Lets be thankful.dsc_7031dsc_7032


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