Creatures of habit

I have mine and hubby has his.

It forms a lot of what makes up each day; our habits, routines and behaviours. For a large part this is predictable, can be very comical but it can also be very annoying.

For those that know my hubby he is a soup, roast beef and apple pie kind of man. He doesn’t wander too far from those ‘dependables’. I’m the adventuresome kind who likes to try new things but I’m always frightened of being disappointed. So when the menu comes I’m the annoying one who asks lots of questions, asking for recommendations from the waiter or waitress, taking ages to decide, not wanting to have the same meal as anyone else and always being the last to order.dsc_7951dsc_7998Now we all know men hate shopping. That’s a fact! But it amazes me, how fast, focused and precise they actually are. When there is something that is needed, and I do stress ‘needed’, the errand is over in minutes. Nothing more. For me it doesn’t work that way. Shopping alone is now part of the course, it has to be squeezed into the most narrow gaps in a rare window of opportunity when I am free from all three little people. I do though actually like it that way but I do get sidetracked, tempted and lose track of time entirely. Did I ‘need’ it?, of course I did!

The returning home with shopping when hubby is already there. Now that requires practice and is a real art in itself. I would like to say I’ve learnt from all the females that have gone before me the various ways this can be done. Perhaps that may even need a separate post altogether and a secure password to view for females only. Just let’s say, that is where having all the bags that come with children are very handy!dsc_8019dsc_8039At home you will rarely find the main man without his sky remote and sports channels before him. It goes without saying when there is a sportsman in any house. Just as well there are a few televisions as My Little Pony and Paw Patrol have soared in popularity in recent years, having become firm favourites and pushed the sports right out of the room. Then there are the cups of tea. It’s in his blood. Having never been a tea drinker when growing up that is one way I have been converted. Sometimes there is nothing better than a little cup, you just cannot beat it.

Bedtime is a very straight route for one and not the other. There is a straight path from the TV to bed for one and the other has many different stops along the way including all three children’s rooms to listen for breathing, check for temperatures and lift in any stray limbs. I may grumble at times at the ease of the straight path that is taken but then I know I like it this way, it is how it should be and I would miss not being the one doing so.dsc_8053dsc_8066img_0670img_0647We have heard it before and we will hear it time and time again. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Alright so that’s not where we came from but it is perhaps signalling that we are on different planets. It’s part of our makeup. We were created to be different. And we should just let it be. Accept and move on.

Just a question I am going to throw out there…..Birds or Ambrosia Custard? That is all.img_0722


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