A different kind of Paw Patrol

We have all different shapes and sizes, personalities and traits, and activities and interests. I could nearly be talking about you and me but rather I am meaning our ‘waggy tailed’ friends….dogs.

Being an animal lover I have much appreciation for dogs and everything they have to offer. They can be intelligent, adventuresome, loving, fun, energetic, understanding, everything really you might find someone wanting to find in a potential other. That’s why dogs are ‘best friend’ material because a lot of the time that’s what they are. Lassie, Greyfriars Bobby, Turner and Hooch, the Littlest Hobo, Snoopy and Charlie Brown, Marley and Me….and so many more. The relationships built between man and dog are as a strong as relationships can be. When you need that someone to listen and not respond, for them to be close by for support but yet not require anything from them, all the understanding anyone could ever ask for are set behind those pair of eyes.dsc_8335dsc_8350dsc_8281When growing up as a little girl we always had a dog, at times we even had several as we had the softest of hearts, probably too soft when I come to think of it. On occasion when going to collect our puppy, seeing that only one would be left had us taking pity and had us leaving with two instead of one. Over the course of time and can I stress NOT ALL WITH US AT THE ONE TIME, we have had many different breeds; Red Setter, Poodle, Pomeranian, Golden Cocker Spaniel, Collie, and Jack Russells. Throughout the wider family now and during more recent times there have been different breeds again; Dalmation, Wheaten Terrier, Yorkshire Terriers, Kerry Blue and Great Danes. So there has been a large spectrum from the tiny right up to enormous variety.

My mind wanders a lot, which breed would we go for? More important than anything else is the issue of safety especially around the children. The dog in question would have to be a friendly type and comfortable around little people and enjoy the fun and activity that comes with them. This immediately narrows the search as there are some breeds that just would not work. I come from the mindset that you cannot fully trust any dog entirely, as they are a dog and different factors can affect their behaviour and temperament at any one time. However, there are breeds that are renowned for their love of families with small children and have more patience and understanding than others. Factors other than pedigree and temperament needing to be considered are size, coat (not the waterproof variety; whether or not they shed), cost of pet care, training it requires, appropriate sized home, and a very important factor – time. Considering how busy I am already with our little ones and our lifestyle, I have to be honest and ask myself do I have the necessary time to give this little dog all they need and deserve. It is a big decision to make, requiring huge responsibility, commitment, love and attention. As they say, “a dog is not just for Christmas, it is for life”.dsc_8323dsc_8308Is it just me that thinks that at times, dogs and their owners share great similarities perhaps in looks and personality; I know that sounds silly, but some of you I know will understand what I am talking about. I known of red headed ladies with their golden cocker spaniels, and individuals with a quirky, feisty personality mirrored in their sometimes cheeky natured Chihuahua. There are ‘apps’ for everything these days, I wonder is there one for pairing you up with your perfect match of a dog when detailing your personality and submitting your picture?! Now there’s a thought!dsc_8370dsc_8359dsc_8381The subject of ’getting a dog’ has been a contentious issue for some time. I always have said how one day I would get a dog. When we had a family and when the time was right it would be part of the equation. There is a problem, my husband. He is not an animal lover like me; in fact ‘lover’ should not even be in that sentence. Who could not love a soft, fluffy, cuddly, adorable little puppy dog?! I did not know this was even possible! He has always said it is your choice, the dog or me! Not for one minute do I believe he actually means that. He is the persuadable type or maybe I am, either way the process of negotiating is used a lot in our house. It just usually is me that is doing the negotiating. Now having three little ones, with our eldest so far especially showing her love for animals, I feel I have ‘back up’. How many little girls do you know that cannot wrap their Daddy around their little finger. None!!!

The way I see it is that no house or home is ever complete without a little dog. I will keep you all posted on this topic. Let the negotiations recommence.dsc_8394dsc_8293


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