Sugar and Spice and all things nice

This one I love. The changes that happen…colours, textures, scents, and climate. Lighting my Cinnamon Yankee candle tells me that autumn has arrived.dsc_8639Being the day dreamer that I am, transported onto the typical American doorsteps adorned with pumpkins and little kiddies in tow during the season of fall leaves me smiling. Of course this was just from watching the movies. However having the sweet memories of parties where we dressed in costume, ducked for apples, listened to the scary tales, watched the bonfires, lit our sparklers, and then ate our Apple pie in the hope of finding the 20 pence pieces hidden, leaves me feeling all nostalgic and excited about the upcoming season.dsc_8607Back then we were all a little naive, or perhaps we were living in an innocent time when make believe was at its best. It was a ‘kind of fun’ getting a little frightened by the tale of the goblins and feeling a little spooked by the flying witches from the west. We knew there was no such thing but letting our imagination run wild we entered into the excitement of it all. In years gone by I remember how I would have collected and saved my sparklers for weeks so that I would have lots and lots to use….coloured, crackly, short and long. It was a time of year when there was another good excuse to be able to catch up with family and friends having fun together in the process.

There are other traditions that stick in our home; going out and collecting our conkers, walks in the forest crunching our way through fallen leaves, carving our pumpkins and deciding on design, cozying up by the fire, and watching Strictly right through until Christmas. That’s how rock and roll we get and I’m not complaining. What is it they say…staying in is the new going out?! I love nothing more than getting into my pjs and if we manage a game of scrabble these days we are doing well.dsc_8699At this time of year you will find me layering up, topped with little knits; coat, hat, scarf and gloves always close to reach as I’m a girl who likes her warmth. When I think of the colours in my wardrobe it is those which are evident during the autumnal season; the earthy shades of green, brown, grey, tan, yellow, orange, red and plum which most appeal. The summer shades of coral on nails are replaced with deeper rich-tones of taupe, grey and berry. Having seen Essie ‘Angora-cardi’ for this season, it is definitely next on my list! A girl can never have too many of anything, isn’t that right?! Right through from her boots to bags, from polishes to perfume, a girl has got to have choice. Come to mention perfume, you cannot think far from the deep and sensual cologne of Jo Malone ‘Pomegranate Noir’, the intensely aromatic fruity scent only too familiar. Back in the kitchen I think of butternut squash soup, hot pot of tender beef stew, crumbles with apple and cinnamon. Cinnamon is a favourite of mine, a spice with warmth and sweetness, its aroma and flavour depicting the very essence of what this season means. From its colour, scent and taste it encapsulates the rustic, woody charm and beauty all around.

Half term holidays or Halloween holidays as they are widely referred to as are fast approaching. We will be trying to recreate a little bit of magic and make believe that we fondly recall for our own children. Time will be spent going places, making things, catching up with those dearest, and allowing time to relax and unwind in between. It is all about creating special moments and making sweet memories that will be there to last a lifetime.dsc_8599dsc_8663



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